How to sell your own home

Ready to sell your own home? Bōde makes the process simple.

At Bōde, we believe in empowering homeowners to take control of their most important transaction. Our platform makes this easy. Bōde sellers have already proven that homeowners are better than the market at selling their own homes with statistics that are so good they even wowed us!  All you need to sell your own home is the confidence to get started. 

sell your own home

Here are 3 steps to sell your own home

Step 1: Create your listing

To get started in creating your listing, go to the sell your own home page on and enter your address. This will take you into the listing flow where you can fill out details about your home. Creating your listing only takes about 15 minutes! 


In order make sure your property makes a great first impression, we highly recommend professional photography. RMS measurements are also required to list your home on If you list with Bōde, we will cover the cost of professional photos and measurements for your home.

Next, you’ll need to determine your list price. This can be daunting for some homeowners, but don’t worry, we give you all the transparent data you need to make an educated choice about what price to sell your home at. This includes all of the data agents have so you will be on equal footing. View current market data here. 

Finally, submit your listing for review. Our team will check everything over to make sure it is ready to hit the market! Typically, it takes 2 business days for your listing to go live after it has been submitted. The 90 day listing agreement with Bōde starts when your listing goes live on and 100+ other listing sites.

If you have any questions throughout the create your listing process our team is here to support you along the way! When you sell your own home with Bōde, you are never selling alone.

Step 2: View listing performance & prepare for showings

Once your listing is live, Bōde will list your home on our home site,, Zillow and 100+ other listing pages and create a personalized paid advertising campaign to market your listing directly to potential buyers. Our approach results in being 9% more likely to sell your own home and 13X more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer – meaning 100% of commissions saved on the buy side.

Prepare for showing requests by making sure your home is looking its best. Check out tips for hosting an epic showing here. Although many think managing showings is more work, when you sell your own home with Bōde, you’ll actually save 60-70% of your time compared to listing in a traditional way. 


The Bōde listing dashboard is the go-to place to watch the progress on your listing and get expert tips to help you along the way. The listing dashboard is complete with up to date market and sold data, comparable homes, and data specific to your listing – such as the number of views so far.


Reviewing the listing dashboard frequently helps you as a seller make decisions about your listing as needed throughout the process and provides a transparent view of their how your listing is performing and ultimately sell for more.


Step 3: Negotiate & close the deal

With Bōde, you as the seller, are in full control of your listing! Our data shows homeowners who have listed with Bōde are even more successful than the market at selling for more money and being more likely to sell.

Bōde provides all the tools and information needed to negotiate the best deal for you. Our offers page includes industry standard contracts and utilizes DocuSign to streamline the process. The buyer (or buyer’s agent) and seller are able to counter offer directly through the Bōde platform and can easily communicate using the messaging tool.

Once the deal is done, you’ll simply a lawyer to finalize the paperwork. It’s that easy!

 Ready to get started? Click the button below to create your listing:

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