How To Successfully Work From Home

Written by Avalon Master Builder

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Valuable Tips for Working From Home 

Although we are seeing provinces begin to re-open, working from home has become a new normal that will likely continue post pandemic. We are finding more workers saying they prefer to work remotely more than at the office and in a recent poll, 42% of people said they would rather only go into the office 1-2 days a week.

Here are a few tips from Avalon Master Builder on how to work from home successfully.

Set A Schedule
The first thing is to get dressed – PJs may be comfy, but they’re not the most professional attire for an unexpected ZOOM meeting. Brew a pot of coffee and make a to-do list, set up a work schedule for your day and follow it.

Designate A Workspace
You may be fortunate enough to have a dedicated workspace. If not, set up a makeshift office on the kitchen table. If this isn’t possible because of a busy household, seek out a friendly coffee shop with WI-FI.

Choose Your Most Productive Times

You may not be a morning person, so structure your most productive times to work from home. Knock off the easy tasks when you are at a slow point in your day and save harder projects for your best times. Music can be a great motivator to get you pumped up for the big job ahead.

Take A Break
Remember to push yourself away from your ‘desk’ and take five – or ten. When you take a break, avoid watching videos or playing Solitaire. Physically leave your computer and take a walk or do some laundry, have a snack, unload the dishwasher – anything to break away from the job at hand.

Stay Connected
Communication is vital and when you work remotely, staying in the loop is more important than ever. Check office emails regularly, plan to meet workmates for a coffee (while following social distancing rules) and remember to stay connected to your social life, too.

Leave The Office
When your day is done, close your tabs, turn off your computer and leave your ‘office’. Your commute to the living room may be short but it’s important to separate your ‘office’ from your home life.

The Perfect Live/Work Balance
Fortunately Avalon Master Builder has a series of beautiful ZEN townhomes in Chinook Gate, Airdrie with dedicated work and living spaces, offering a perfect live/work balance. Choose from 2 or 3 bedroom, 2 storey homes with 4 floorplans providing up to 1455 sq ft of living space. They are stylish, convenient and energy-efficient, close to golf, parks, playgrounds, schools, sports and recreation, restaurants, shopping, medical, highways and the airport. ZEN has the next generation of live/work townhomes that are built right for our times.

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