My thoughts on the Coronavirus

written by Robert Price, Founder & CEO, Bōde

My thoughts on the #coronavirus – social distancing is table stakes, but how do we transform our local, provincial, national communities into a global front against this challenge?

I have seen no evidence of any governments pulling out and implementing their “pandemic plan” that was proactively and thoughtfully designed for this situation. Without a plan and with the realities of inelastic national health resources it is incumbent on international resources to unite. China helping Italy with medical expertise and supplies is one great example. I also believe there are opportunities to use networks for elements of the testing/consulting process to create border crossing, safe, resource versatility. We need our global leaders to band together like we did to mitigate the impact of the 2008 financial crisis by understanding that this is a global issue, not become singularly focused on their own national interests.

When a challenge like this comes to the forefront, it is an opportunity to rise above the typical short term, political agenda and show that love and compassion irrespective of citizenship or socioeconomic status are what has always moved us forward. If we pass this test, which I believe we will – it has the potential to have a lasting and positive effect on humanity.

At Bōde, we’ve been asked by many current and future customers how this impacts our business. We built our company with a “distributed office” so there is no meaningful change for us. Our customers are able to continue on with their important home transaction activities from the comfort of their home, using the Bōde marketplace, while limiting their exposure to others.

Let us know if you would like more details on how to ensure safe home showings or if you have any other questions.

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