New Feature: Commission Calculator

Our industry first, two sided marketplace offers a fresh perspective on commissions: 

When it comes time to buy or sell a home, there are many things to consider. When you transact the traditional way (using an agent), the seller often writes the cheque for both the buyer’s agent and their own agent, however the cost is effectively shared equally between both parties in the transaction. 

If a buyer is self-represented, the cost savings of the buyer agent should be contemplated in the final price benefiting the buyer and seller. When it comes to commissions, Bōde actively markets to self-represented buyers while also attracting the traditional agent represented buyers to give you the highest prospect of a quick and high value sale.  In all scenarios, with a simple 1% fee Bōde offers significant savings to our buyers and sellers.

We have made a handy calculator so you can calculate your actual costs and savings!


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