Open House: Online real estate

Looking to buy or sell a property? You can go the traditional route, or list online. Yvonne Schalle at Global News looks at some of the pros and cons. Bōde CEO, Robert Price, joins the conversation to explain how Bōde has created a modern online real estate solution that gives buyers and sellers complete control over their home transaction. The Bōde platform empowers users with all the information, data, and tools they need to be successful, while also allowing them to save in both commission fees and time. Watch the segment by clicking on the video above!

Learn How to Sell Your Home and Save!

If you are ready to sell your home but aren’t ready to shell out the cost of an agent, check out Bōde. It is an online home marketplace that connects buyers and sellers directly so you can sell your house – yourself. Bōde provides all of the tools, data, and information you need to go from listing your home (on MLS, Zillow, and many others) to keys day. You only pay 1% of the sale price up to a ceiling of $10K and only when you sell. We also advertise your home so there is a much better chance of attracting an unrepresented buyer… which means more savings for you!

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