Real Talk with Faisal Karmali & Bōde’s Robert Price

How To Become a Disruptor & Build Multiple Businesses Worth Millions


 In Real Talk, Calgarian, business expert and media personality Faisal Karmali talks to successful business owners to find out the secrets of their success. 

Learn from the success of other entrepreneurs as Faisal digs in to their leadership, management, marketing, structure and planning tools that can help you grow your business. Real Talk also features entrepreneurs that are hoping to take their business to the next level; weigh in with your own advice if you think you see a way for them to solve their problems.


Special guest Robert Price, Founder and CEO of Bōde Canada, is disrupting the real estate industry — but this is the third industry he’s been a part of disrupting, and the third major company that he and his family have helped to build. Find out how he innovates, changes industries, and stays nimble in his business. 


00:00:32 – What is Bode Canada

00:02:24 – The Idea to Innovate 

00:04:23 – The Disruptor Mindset vs. Everyone Else 

00:06:31 – Robert’s Business DNA 

00:14:15 – How To Deal With Governments 

00:15:40 – Dealing With Pressure 

00:18:23 – Competing Against Much Bigger Companies 

00:20:28 – Building A Strong Process 

00:22:10 – Why Choose to Move Before You’re ‘Ready’? 

00:27:04 – Keeping A Balanced Life 

00:31:36 – Robert’s Top 3 Tips For Business Owners 


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