Sell your home and save big in commissions with Bōde

How Bōde saves home sellers money

Hundreds of people have transacted homes using Bōde and on average Bōde sellers save over $8,300 in commission fees

Bōde charges sellers only 1% up to a ceiling of $10K, and only when their home has successfully sold. Our sellers pay significantly less in typical seller commission with this one inclusive fee that includes professional photos and measurements, placement on, Zillow and 100+ other listing pages, digital marketing of the listing, and access to an online platform with all the data, tools, and information needed to be successful.

Sellers can save even more when transacting with a self-represented buyer

Bōde sellers are 13X more likely to sell to a buyer without an agent compared to the market. This means the opportunity to reduce commissions even further by saving 100% of the buy side agent’s commission fee. 


Bōde sellers retain more equity on the sale of their home by selling for a 1.3 % higher price compared to the market

Yes – it’s true. Bōde sellers are better at selling their own homes for a higher price than the market. Let’s think about this 1.3%, because it may not sound like much at first. When selling a $700,000 home, this 1.3% means that Bōde sellers successfully sell their own homes for $9,100 more on average. That’s a substantial amount more. A higher sale price means more equity, and more money saved by the seller. 

Bōde sellers are successful

Bōde sellers sell more often than the market, 9% more often in fact, while actually spending between 60-70% less time on the sale of their home. So sellers can save more, be more likely to sell their homes, and spend less time on the back and forth that comes with selling your home – simply by listing with Bōde.

Our data shows that homeowners are fully capable – even more capable that the market – of selling their own homes. By choosing to sell their own home using Bōde, sellers put the control in their own hands and get the added benefit of significant cost savings. 


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Real examples of Bōde sellers' success

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