The Real Estate Industry in Canada is Broken

Written by Bōde Founder & CEO, Robert Price

The real estate industry in Canada is broken... and not just a little bit

Thank you to our passionate customers who have reached out to us to get our views on the media frenzy about real estate agent conduct in recent days.   

If you haven’t seen it yet, Marketplace ran an investigation into how real estate operates in Canada today and it wasn’t pretty.

Unfortunately, what they found wasn’t surprising to us. It demonstrates how agents often don’t act in the best interest of their clients…. They operate in the best interest of their fees. And the industry is set up to protect this model.

“Posing as homebuyers and sellers, Marketplace tested if real estate agents are engaging in this anti-competitive behaviour and found some agents deceiving the very buyers they are supposed to represent, in an effort to pad their own bottom line.”

Can you imagine hiring someone to act in your best interest on a big transaction only to find out they were “steering” you to something that would make THEM more money?

The crazy part is homeowners, in many cases, are able to buy or sell their own homes more successfully than if they had used an agent. You can see by the thousands of comments below this transparent report, that many Canadians have just had it with the way things are done in the Real Estate industry.

Many of our sellers have sold at substantially higher prices than valuations provided by agents during a listing presentation. Not only have they been able to sell for more, but when compared to industry averages, our sellers sell 9% more often than those listings represented by an agent.

You can understand why some agents might be worried about home buyers and sellers who are well informed and have the data to transact their homes. Especially when it dramatically impacts the homeowner’s bottom line.

If you haven’t seen it, we recommend you watch it here.

It is time to modernize Real Estate in Canada and put the power where it belongs… in the hands of the homeowner.

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