Tips for safe & successful showings during COVID-19

At Bōde, the health and safety of our team, our homeowners and our community are always top of mind. 

As we collectively navigate forward, with social distancing as our key priority, we’re proud that Bōde offers buyers and sellers a streamlined, tech-focused, option to transacting real estate. Bōde puts homeowners and buyers first and focuses on making the process more efficient, transparent and reducing the amount of people, and interactions, involved.

We have had an outpouring of messages and outreach from Albertans as well as other Canadians, Americans and Australians who believe in our model now more than ever given the current circumstances.

As we see viewing requests continue to roll in, we thought it would be useful to share some tips for buyers and sellers to have the best showing experience and to help reduce the chance of any spread of germs from high contact surfaces in the home. Beyond the obvious regular thorough cleaning, before and after, here are some extra measures to consider.

  • Areas to disinfect before and after a showing: door handles and nobs, light switches, faucets and soap dispensers.
  • As a seller, leave all interior doors in the home open and lights left on and encourage buyers to leave them this way when departing.
  • As a seller, perhaps you could consider having hand sanitizer at the front door for visitors to use upon entering and exiting the home.
  • As a buyer, bring your own hand sanitizer to viewings.
  • Take out the garbage and line trash bins with clean liners. Hang fresh hand towels and put out fresh soap.
  • Sanitize your phone, tablet, and any other electronic devices used regularly.
  • Refrain from greeting others with handshakes or hugs.

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