Top 5 Calgary Neighbourhoods for Dog Owners

Calgary dog owners

Dog lovers rejoice! Calgary is home to over 150 off-leash areas – a total of more than 1,250 hectares that make up 17 per cent of the City’s total Parks space, countless small businesses that provide products and services for your pets, and is just a short drive to beautiful mountain hikes. We’ve done the research and have created a list of the 5 neighbourhoods that are great places for dog owners to live.

1. Cranston

Located in the deep South East of Calgary, Cranston is a newer community featuring numerous green spaces and picturesque walking paths. In a recent report, Cranston was found to have one of the highest populations of dog owners in Calgary. It’s not surprising homeowners would want to live here with their fur babies when easy access is available to both Fish Creek provincial park and Auburn Bay off-leash dog park. For amenities for dogs you’ll find in the Cranston shopping area a local Pet Planet and veterinary clinic. Numerous home based groomers and dog day cares are also available in the community.

2. Silver Springs

In the North West quadrant of Calgary you’ll find the community of Silver Springs. This community is also home to many spacious dog friendly green areas such as, Silver Springs off-leash park, Bowmont Park off-leash fenced area, and Silver Spring Island off-leash park. In the community and in nearby areas you’ll find several animal clinics, grooming studios, and pet stores.

3. Beddington Heights 

Beddington Heights is an established suburban neighbourhood in North West Calgary. The area boasts five off-leash areas for your dog to run out their energy before spending quiet evenings at home with you. Nearby amenities include a Pet Planet, Paskapoo Pet Services boarding kennel, and a veterinary hospital.

4. Huntington Hills

The community of Huntington Hills is settled in the North East quadrant of Calgary. With five off-leash areas in the community, dog owners will have no shortage of choice for outdoor quality time with their best friend. Homeowners will be pleased with the short drive to pet amenities in surrounding areas such as Petland, Pisces Pet Emporium, Rascals Pet Supplies and Grooming Ltd., and several veterinary clinics and hospitals.

5. Maple Ridge

The beautiful community of Maple Ridge can be found in the South East section of Calgary. This scenic neighbourhood is walking distance (or just a short drive) to Sue Higgins off-leash dog park nestled right along the Bow River. Dog owners love taking their canine friends for a quick dip in the swimming areas during the warmer months, and a doggie pop-up treat shop can also be found here during the summer. Near the community pet owners will also be happy to see several pet stores, grooming salons, and boarding kennels. 

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