Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Written by Bōde Marketplace Prō – :AM Cleaning

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What services does :AM Cleaning provide and how long have you been around?

My name is Mariya, and I have started :AM CLEANING YYC in September 2018. Our expertise is in residential cleaning and small to medium size post-construction cleaning. When I was starting my company, I saw a rising demand for all-natural cleaning services: many adults and kids these days have sensitivities, allergies, health concerns, or are just mindful of the footprint cleaning chemicals have on our ecosystems and waterways. :AM CLEANING YYC uses all-natural, made in Calgary cleaning products. 


Outside of cleaning supplies, what makes us different is our hiring philosophy. I would rather cancel all of the appointments than make a rush hire and send somebody who is not prepared to get the job done the right way.  At the same time, it is important for me to give opportunities to Calgarian’s from all walks of life and cognitive abilities to have a fun job that pays living wage, not minimum wage. We start our employees at $19/ hour. Currently, our senior employees make $25/hour. Many see a cleaning job as a last resort–something you turn to when you really need to pay your bills; however, our team takes pride in the work they do, treating it as a career, or a stepping stone toward a bigger goal in life.

AM Cleaning Prō
Why is spring cleaning important? Why should homeowners make this a habit?

Spring cleaning is such a beautiful tradition! Spring cleaning officially starts when it is warm enough to open up the windows and doors and feel that fresh breeze. As you might imagine, spring cleaning is weather dependent and it starts anytime between March and May in Calgary. 


Just like taking care of your teeth, regular cleaning of your home is a healthy habit that everyone should practise! While places such as bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms should be getting a regular surface wipe, spring cleaning encourages you to get a bit further, and reach those baseboards, door frames, dishwasher filters, blinds, ceiling fans…and other 74 different hidden nooks and crannies in your home that on most occasions are simply being forgotten.

AM Cleaning Prō

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

1. Wash your dishwasher filters (if removable)

You’ll be surprised what gets caught in there!

2. Clean your windows and leave them without any streaks

Prō tip: Use equal parts of water with vinegar + 1 tsp of cornstarch.

3. Clean underneath and behind your furniture

Dust impacts the quality of air.

4. Take care of those so commonly forgotten surfaces

Door frames, picture frames, moldings, blades of your ceiling fan, and blinds.

5. Clean the top of your kitchen cabinets

I bet there is a layer of grease and dust overlooked for months. Once done scrubbing, lay a layer of wax or parchment paper, newspaper or paper towel so it collects all the grime. Replace every month.

AM Cleaning Prō
What takes priority in cleaning, which room in the house is the most important to keep free of clutter?

I am a firm believer that every home is different, and so are the priorities of each household. For some people grease in the kitchen is their biggest pet peeve; for others, dust is a high priority due to existing allergies. Overall, the most popular cleaning request we have is to deep clean bathrooms and kitchens. Those areas take the most beating with day-to-day use and often require a solid cleaning catch-up.


To deep clean the bathroom, we always clean top to bottom, starting with an air vent (oh, it gets grimy!), removing and cleaning under toilet seats, vacuuming inside the cabinets, finishing up with baseboards, and everything else in between. It is a process! 


The kitchen also gets cleaned top to bottom, and often we get into the pantry, kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer, dishwasher filters, oven, range hood filters. It is hard, time-consuming work, but in our experience, it is necessary every three months or so, especially now when families spend more time at home cooking delicious meals.


The most cluttered spaces we see on a day to day basis are bathroom vanities, with lots of skincare products; kitchen countertops, full of spice jars and various types of olive oil; bedside tables, with all kinds of fun things; and mudrooms, with a collection of shoes, hats, mittens, grocery bags. Clutter causes stress and demotivates cleaning. To save time and energy, we recommend to our clients to first clear out surfaces such as vanity, countertops, tables, floors before getting into a good scrubbing festival!

AM Cleaning Prō
Why is a clean home important? What should new homeowners keep in mind in keeping their home clean?

It is so exciting to move into a new home! Especially, if you are a first-time buyer. Truth be told surfaces depreciate overtime. But continuous cleaning will prolong the life of your home and will keep the value and spirit of your home at all times high. 


And some last tips that everyone knows they should do, but sometimes forget. Clean as you cook. Cover your food while frying. Squeegee your glass shower doors, walls and floor every time you take a shower to prevent calcium build-up. Don’t let your home go without cleaning for too long, as it will be harder and more expensive to catch up. Enjoy spring cleaning and maintenance thereafter.

AM Cleaning Prō

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