What commission should I offer a buyer’s agent?

You get access to the biggest pool of buyers when you list with Bōde

Bōde sellers are welcome to offer a commission to a buyer’s agent in any amount of the seller’s choosing.


Things to consider…

  • One of the benefits of listing with Bōde is the savings for you and your buyer.
    • The average Bōde seller saves almost half of the total commissions.
  • Bōde sellers are control their listing & transaction experience.


Typical Commission Bespoke Commission Zero Commission
You can offer any amount you like. A flat fee or a % of the final sale price
If a buyer uses an agent, that buyer will have to pay their commission or negotiate their agent's commission into their offer
You get access to the largest number of possible buyers
You still attract some buyers with agents and are likely to save some commission
You will deal with very few agents but expect them to call to negotiate
If you accept an offer from a buyer with an agent, you will have to pay commission
Cons depend on how much or how little commision you offer
This will minimize the amount of agent represented buyers that view your home

So, how much (if any) should you offer?


When you sell with an agent, their goal is to attract other agents. When you sell ‘for-sale-by-owner’ you are only attracting self-represented buyers – with Bōde you get the best of both worlds:


We market your home to self-represented buyers using advanced targeting, when they buy you pay zero buy-side commission.

  • 26% of Bōde sellers sell to a buyer without a realtor.
  • We also market your home to agents, giving you with the choice to determine your buy-side commission.
  • Of the sellers who sell to a buyer with an agent, 77% of them pay the typical  buy-side commission.


Bōde’s approach markets your home to the biggest possible audience. This gives you the best chance of selling for the highest price, while also paying the least amount of commission.


While it is not an exact science, generally the closer you offer to the typical buy-side commission

  • In Alberta 3.5% / 1.5%
  • In BC 3.5% / 1.25% and
  • In Ontario 2.5% / 2.5%


The lower the probability agents steer their buyers away from your listing. You can always negotiate the buy-side commission when you receive an offer from an agent. If the amount you agree to is different than what you are offering on MLS, it is important to get this in writing.

Only Bōde gives you access to the largest possible buyer pool.


You can choose the amount of buy-side commission you want to offer (which will only be visible to agents in Realtor.ca). This is one of the fields you fill out when you are listing your home but we wanted to give you a bit more context.

If you choose to offer a commission, you still have a good chance of attracting a buyer without an agent as Bōde advertises your listing on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to buyers who are early in their home search.


Of course, you can decide to change your commission offering at any time. Although, agents will not be notified of this change. 


Pro Tip: If you choose a competitive commission at the time you list your home, you will find ultimate success. People with saved searches and agents will be notified of your home hitting the market so starting with a fair commission is your best bet. 


If your home sells to a buyer without an agent, then you save the full amount of the buy-side commission you were offering.

Sellers who list with Bōde are 2.5 times more likely to sell to a buyer without a realtor, than sellers who list with a traditional agent.

Given commissions can be complicated, we made a handy tool to help you calculate your savings (and commissions).

Real examples of Bōde sellers' success

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