What is my home worth?

Understand what your home is valued at in today's market

Listen, we get it! Many cities in Canada are experiencing a real estate market that are breaking records (and not the good kind). 


This means it is harder than ever to understand what your home is worth…. Right? 


Let’s dig into that a bit… 


Fact: The best indicator of the market value of your home is what similar homes have sold for lately. 

Bōde has created 3 tools to provide you with the transparent home data so you can get your hands on the facts. 

  1. Market Data – Shows market trends in your neighbourhood for your home type.
  2. Sold Data – Arms you with the actual prices homes sell for and their transaction history. 
  3. Comparables – Now you can do a deep dive on homes that are similar to yours to understand the best market of your home. 

Fact: Similar homes that are for sale in your community are your competition.

That’s right, when your neighbours put up their home for sale, and that home is similar to yours, you will have to compete for buyers. 

Bōde helps you compete with “promotion” ensuring your home is advertised to the widest number of buyers (with and without buyers agents). We also ensure your “presentation” is on point by providing beautiful professional home photos. So, if there is a similar “product” on the market, then the “pricing” element becomes uber important. 


So, take a look at what is for sale in your neighbourhood and put on a “buyer’s hat”. It will help you price your home at a market value that is always adjusting. 

Fact: Transparent data is more important than media headlines or opinions.  

The generalization of what is happening in the real estate market is just that – a generalization.  The reality is a city is made up of many, many housing markets – the neighbourhood and home type matter too. Given that is all difficult to boil down into a headline or even an “expert opinion” the more important information is the data. 

You are already the expert on your home and now you have the data at your fingertips to understand what similar homes actually sold for. It is the perfect combination to price your home at the market value and make more on the sale of your home. 

This is information everyone who is going to sell (or simply owns) a home should have. 


Understanding what your home is worth isn’t really hard at all… as long as you have the information at your fingertips!



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