Why Bōde Sellers are more informed about their home sale

Bōde sellers love the transparency and control they have during their own home transaction by utilizing the Bōde platform. We often hear that they felt confident, empowered, and supported during the experience and a lot of this is attributed to the great insight they had into what was happening with their home sale during the entire listing process.

So what is it that makes Bōde sellers more informed about their home sale compared to a seller listing their home with an agent?

1. Home sellers can monitor listing performance in real-time on Bōde's comprehensive listing dashboard

Our listings dashboard feature gives sellers a completely digitalized experience and the ultimate level of control and transparency over their listing(s) – all conveniently from one page! The listings dashboard creates a real-time overview of listing performance and allows sellers to:

  • Review data on their listing and see how their listing compares to the “average”
  • View messages, manage offers, and download listing documents
  • Get expert tips that are updated each step of the way
  • See how many people have viewed and favourited their listing
  • View comparable listings (current & recently sold)
  • Easily edit or share their listing
  • …and much more!
Listing dashboard screenshot

2. Home sellers are able to explore the current sold and market data they want to see - when they want to see it

Both sold data and market data play a huge role in the home transaction process. When you list your home the traditional way, your agent has likely pulled this information – which was previously only available to agents – and probably shared some with you as needed during the process. With a free Bōde account, home sellers, homeowners, home buyers, or just anyone who is interested can now view all of this information on their own time. Our sellers are empowered to research themselves and are more informed during the home transaction because they can keep up to date with any relevant market information without having to request that from someone else.

sellers are informed by sold data on bode

3. Home sellers have easy and direct communication with the buy side - no more games of telephone or phone tag

Our messaging tool allows buyers and sellers to connect and communicate back and forth on the Bōde platform. As a result, it’s easy to answer any questions buyers may have. Sellers no longer need to rely or wait on someone else to deliver their message.

Timely notifications will also keep sellers informed about the status of their listing. In addition to instant email notifications, the seller also receives updates regarding the status of their home sale or purchase, such as “you’ve received an offer!”. Homeowners stay up to date with what is happening during the home transaction process and connected to buyers without ever needing to make a phone call.

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4. Home sellers can receive unfiltered feedback about showings

Scheduling and managing showing requests is simple. The seller maintains full control of their schedule by selecting which times and days they would like to make available for buyers to book showings. Then buyers simply choose an available time on the calendar which have been populated based on that information. As a result, the back and forth scheduling with several different people is no longer required. Once both parties confirm the showing, it populates on their Bōde account calendars. Agents can also book using their tool and sellers will be able to accept them via email as well. The best of both worlds. 

After a showing, the seller can reach out directly to the buyer (or their agent) for feedback about their home. The feedback will be given straight to the seller and therefore will not be filtered or any details omitted. This invaluable information can help inform the seller about whether they should make adjustments to the listing, or change an aspect of their home – perhaps rearranging items, brightening up the space, or making a repair. 

conveniently schedule a viewing on bode

5. Home sellers have total control over the transaction including: price, listing details, and negotiations

Bōde sellers start the process with the complete control over setting their own list price, creating a description and even choosing the order in which they want their photographs displayed. Although we review all listings before sending them live, no one knows the home better than the seller and we believe the seller is the best person for creating a compelling listing. Sellers retain this level of control through the entire process, with the ability to edit their listing or adjust the price. Our team is there to support you when you need it, or stand back and cheer you on if you’ve got it covered. 


The unique Bōde offers page gives sellers a view of all current offers on their home, the ability to negotiate with the buyer directly on the platform, submit a counter offer, and accept an offer. This is much more streamlined than going back and forth over phone calls and relaying the message through an agent. Sellers hear directly from the buy side what it will take to get the deal done and are aware of exactly what is going on in the negotiation process. The level of transparency during negotiations enables Bōde sellers to be significantly more informed than most in a traditional situation.

Online offers

6. Home sellers have a convenient way to find trusted professionals to help with aspects of their home transaction

Everyone has had an experience with a service professional who didn’t meet expectations. It results in a completely frustrating and time consuming experience that no one wants to go through. We value the time of homeowners and believe finding an exceptional and trusted pro to help with your home transaction should be easy and convenient. While many sellers rely on their agent to provide recommendations, we give our sellers the power to select the best person for the job based on their criteria. Enter the Prō Marketplace.

Our Prō Marketplace was created with homeowner convenience and security in mind. It has all the Prōs a homeowner may need, already vetted by our team and highly referred. Submit a request for a booking with any Prō, all from one marketplace. Instead of taking the recommendation of one person, choose for yourself from a selection of Prōs recommended by many other homeowners.

Have more questions? Visit our Resource Centre for instant answers.

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