Why this winter is a great time to sell your home

So, you have heard about the seasonality of real estate. Spring and Fall are typically deemed the best times to sell your home. This often causes sellers to wait to list their property until March or September so that they have the best market to sell in. This Winter turns this philosophy upside down. 

So why should homeowners consider selling this Winter?

sell your home this winter

Winter will still be a seller's market

The lack of housing supply has created a seller’s market that looks as if it will continue throughout this Winter. When housing supply is down, it means you will have way less competition now than in the spring. Supply is way down – check out market reports here

There are still plenty of buyers

Typically in the Winter we see less buyers, and therefore a misconception that it will always be more difficult to sell. This year, however, the lack of inventory means that even a reduced number of buyers will still have demand far outpacing supply. Sellers shouldn’t be concerned about lack of buyers this Winter if they price their home properly. Check out our free sold data to see what the current home prices look like in your local area here.

Homes can look stunning in the Winter too

Sure, we all know that homes are often photographed when the weather is beautiful, the grass is green, and flowers are blooming. There’s a perception that the warm weather makes for the best photos but that doesn’t have to stop you from making your property look stunning! You can move quickly to get photos now before the snow starts to fall, or lean into the “cozy home in the snow” look – because who doesn’t love that? Just add some tasteful outdoor decor to enhance your curb appeal! Remember, the interior of your home will look the same regardless and professional photographers are skilled at finding the best lighting even in the Winter months. 


Sellers who list with Bōde can take advantage of the complimentary professional photos and measurements to make sure their home is looking it’s absolute best. Schedule your photos here.

No one knows for sure what Spring will bring

Although many make predictions based on data trends, no one knows for sure what will happen in a future real estate market. What we do know for sure is that the current market is great for sellers, and those who are serious about listing should not delay simply because of seasonality. Make the decision that is best for you based on your current situation and the market – not the time of year. You are already the expert on your home, selling it is easy. 

Why should you sell your home with Bōde?

Want to buy or sell your home without an agent?

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With your free Bōde account, you don’t need an agent – you are completely in charge of your home sale or purchase and get to keep more of the money you invested in your home!

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