You are the best agent
to buy your next home

Bōde’s marketplace gives you everything you need to save thousands buying your next home — from neighbourhood sales history, to step-by-step guides and checklists — right at your fingertips, for free.

Buy your Home for Free with Bōde!

Buy your home for free

Bōde empowers self-represented buyers and sellers with access to all of the tools and information needed to transact, themselves. And, with no agent commissions, you save on the total cost of the transaction built into the price of the home. Sellers only pay 1% up to a ceiling of $10K - and only when the house is sold.

You are in charge of negotiations

Now, you have access to comparable sales data, an easy to use negotiation tool and auto-populated contracts. You can feel comfortable and confident that you can complete the home buying and selling process - yourself!

Finally you can take control

Best of all, you’re in the driver’s seat! You have direct contact with sellers to book viewings, ask questions, make an offer, negotiate and ultimately exchanging keys - making the transaction more transparent, efficient and completely in your control.

It's Easy to Buy with Bōde

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Our easy, intuitive process walks you through everything, from start to keys.

Real estate may have always seemed complex and difficult, but the truth is, it’s simple and straightforward. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions and prompts that make it easy. If you can browse the internet, you can buy your home — yourself!

How it works...

More questions? Bodie has answers.

The smartest resource in Canadian real estate is our own AI Powered assistant Bodie.  Need to know more about how our process works, just ask.

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