How the buyer's agent commission works

With Bōde, the power is completely in your hands. Choose the commission to offer that works best for YOU. Scroll down to learn more about how buyer agent commission works – so you can make the most informed decision.

Breaking down buyer agent commissions

Selling to a Bōde buyer

When you sell your home to a self-represented buyer, you save significantly.  Since there is no charge to buy with Bōde, when you sell directly to the buyer, the fee is simply 1% up to a max of $10K.


Bōde buyers understand the benefit of working directly with Bōde sellers. Not only is the transaction often more personable  – it is also incredibly efficient and saves meaningful commissions. 


We are the only marketplace that is actively seeking buyers to buy your home directly from you. By listing your home with Bōde, you are 13 times more likely to sell directly to a buyer than when listing with a traditional real estate brokerage. There is also no need to question motives.

Best of both worlds

Like all sellers, you are looking to maximize the value of your home. When you list with Bōde, we advertise your home on and 1,000s of other listing sites to buyers with and without agents.


When you list with Bōde, it is completely your decision on what you offer to buyer agents and only visible to agents on MLS.

You choose what to offer

A couple of tips:

1. If you offer “typical” commissions, you increase the total buyer pool while maintaining control over what you actually pay in commissions.


2. If you choose to offer little or no commissions, we will include “negotiable” to encourage buyers with an agent to book a viewing.


You will have full transparency on all offers so you will know exactly what is being offered in terms of buyer’s agent commissions and can negotiate on this point along with the other terms of the offer. 


Regardless of what you offer to agents, Bōde buyers will be free – so you don’t pay anything for buy side commissions.

Selling with Bōde

Bōde’s approach markets your home to the largest possible audience. This gives you the best chance of selling for the highest price, while also paying the least amount of commission. 


On average, Sellers that list with Bōde have saved nearly 50% in commissions.

Why List your Home with Bōde?

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