Sell your home and save with Bōde

Bōde provides all the information, data, and support you need to take control of the real estate process – and save tens of thousands of dollars. From transparent access to market data, sold data, and comparables to step-by-step checklists, and all the tools and information — right at your fingertips to sell your home, yourself!

Save thousands selling your home
using Bōde

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Not only do self-represented Bōde sellers save an average of 50% in agent commission, there are no upfront listing costs — so no risk. You only pay 1% up to a ceiling of $10K—and only when you’ve successfully sold! Bōde covers the costs of professional photos, measurements, and advertising. 

In a hot market, you can move faster selling your own home. 

Why list your home with Bōde?

You'll save up to 70% of your time

Using Bōde's technology, you will actually save time when you sell with us. From (free) photos and measurements to listing and hosting viewings, through the negotiation and all the way to handing over keys. You save time and face-to-face interactions selling with Bōde.

You will be in control of... everything

You’re in the driver’s seat! You have direct contact with buyers - everything from scheduling viewings to negotiating is faster and more transparent, and on your schedule. But don't worry, Bōde has a fantastic customer support team - so if you have any questions along the way, we are here for you!

You'll get 300% more views on your listing

Plus, you get all the benefits of the most powerful real estate marketplace in Canada. We have created an advanced engine that digitally markets to self-represented buyers and shares your listings across and 1000+ of other sites.

How it works...

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Ready to get started?

The first step to saving tens of thousands of dollars is to create your Bōde account so you can access all the information you need to sell your home.



Professional photos, and measurements are included when you list your home with Bōde.

More questions? We have answers.

With Bōde you’re never selling your home alone.
Bōde technology empowers you to buy and sell your own home more conveniently and economically than ever before. But you’re also always just a heartbeat away from as much support as you need—from the marketers, economists, industry insiders, and real estate gurus that make the platform such a complete end-to-end solution. Throughout the process, we’re right here for you, in Canada, in person—by text, chat, email, and yes—even by phone.

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What are Bōde Customers Saying?

If you still have questions, please contact us directly. We’d love to help and we are here to support you along the way.

Time with Bode Vs With an Agent
Finding an Agent
Way less!
ID Verification
Walkthrough and Listing
Booking Viewings
Way less!
Hosting Viewings