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When you sell your own home in Kelowna with Bōde, your property is listed on MLS (, Zillow, and 1000+ other major listing services, then we use hyper-targeted digital marketing to precisely advertise your listing to the right people. You’ll experience full control over the transaction, while saving valuable time and money.


What is the average home sale price in Kelowna?

The average sold price of a home in Kelowna over the last year was $811,771*

How much more can you sell your own home for in Kelowna using Bōde?

Bōde homes sell for 1.3% more on average than the market. When looking at the average sold price of a home in Kelowna, homeowners stand to sell for approximately $10.5K more on average when listed with Bōde.

*Last updated March 7, 2022

What is the average commission savings when you sell your own home in Kelowna?

The average commission savings is almost 50% using Bōde to sell your own home. This amounts to an average of over $11K in commission savings, when taking into consideration the average sold price of a home in Kelowna.

If you sell to a self-represented buyer, you would also save 100% of the buy-side commission. Bōde listings have a 13X greater likelihood of selling to buyers without agents when compared to the rest of the market.


How much total equity do you retain when you sell your own home in Kelowna?

Bōde sellers pay an average of almost 50% less in fees + they sell on average for 1.3% more. In Kelowna this means retaining an average of $21,500 in equity by selling their own home using Bōde.

$21,500 extra can go a long way for homeowners.

Why Bōde?

Bōde sellers outperform the market

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