Are you a good candidate to sell your house yourself?

Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?

So, does selling yourself make sense for you? Let’s go through a few questions so you can determine this for yourself! Just keep track of your answers.

1.      Are you technology literate?

            Yes, I use computers or devices in my daily life and actively live in this connected world.
           No, I still love paper and pen – technology is just a fad.
2.      Do you understand the attributes of your home? 
            Yes, I have been living here after all. I am in-tune with my home. 
           No, my home is a mystery to me. 
3.      Are all title holders on the same page about the sale?
             Yes, we are aligned. 
            No, we are getting a divorce or this is an estate sale. 
4.      Do you like taking the reins? 
             Yes, I book travel and manage my schedule and my finances on my own. I prefer it that way because I have access to the transparent information. 
            No, I still use a travel agent as they are the expert on travel, why would I do it myself even if it saves money to do that. Bank tellers are my besties.
5.  Would you rather trust your “pack”?
           Yes, my friends and family are my first calls for advice.
          No, I need a paid 3rd party for advice. 

Did You Answer “No” To Most Of The Questions?

If you answered “no” it sounds like you are better suited to the traditional model of buying a house! Ask around for around for a good realtor and  you will do fine!

Did You Answer “YES” To Most Of The Questions?

If you were a resounding YES to most of he questions then it sounds like you are a perfect candidate for selling your home yourself. Let us introduce ourselves, we are Bōde, and we have created an online home marketplace where buyers and sellers connect directly. It has been built with all of the data, information, and tools to go from listing your home, all the way to possession day. 

Want to learn more about how Bōde simplifies the selling process and saves you a lot of money? 


What Are House Prices Like Right now?

Would you like to do a deep dive into the data to look at the transparent housing trends in the neighbourhoods where you are selling?

Advanced Market Data

In these uncertain times, knowing the value of your most significant asset is more important than ever before. Get up-to-date information about homes selling in your community. Now you have everything you need to sell or buy a home – yourself. 

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