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Common Myths about Value

We’ll show you how to do your research and think like a buyer, but first let’s quickly cover a few key points that can get in the way of being able to do that.

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Bode Opens Up Marketplace to Buyers With or Without an Agent

In its effort to make real estate transactions easy and transparent, Bōde has just launched a new feature that allows any buyer in Alberta to make an offer on any of the 16,000+ active listings in the Bōde marketplace for free. This includes all MLS listings in Alberta as well as Bōde’s own listings.

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Getting your Home on the Market

Some things to consider when getting ready to sell your home
Entering into “The Market” felt daunting, so can pricing, listing and selling your home. Here is some perspective from a homeowner.

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Summary of Harmonized Alberta Rules for Consumers

In the summer of 2020, nine of the ten real estate boards (Edmonton being the outlier) formed Pillar Nine. Pillar Nine is a single-point property listing database in Alberta. As part of this migration, it was determined that all boards and board members would follow a harmonized set of rules. As part of the terms and conditions of working with Bōde, you agree to the following rules of the MLS® system.

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