Staged living room

How to Stage Your Home on a Budget

Staging your home in preparation for listing, showings and selling can be daunting. As a result, many people feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start in the process. Staging your home doesn’t have to be extremely complicated or cost an outrageous amount, in fact, many of the steps below won’t cost you anything!

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BetaKit: Black Swan Podcast – Bōde

Bōde CEO Robert Price joins the conversation on the newest episode of the Black Swan podcast by BetaKit. Robert shares Bōde’s high tech approach that creates a fast and simplified transaction process for both sellers and buyers.

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Avalon Net Zero home kitchen

5 Reasons to Consider a Net Zero Home

Net Zero homes are energy-efficient properties that produce the same amount of energy that they use each year. They incorporate the use of energy saving products and features to create a comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly abōde.

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Comparables tool

Common Myths about Value

We’ll show you how to do your research and think like a buyer, but first let’s quickly cover a few key points that can get in the way of being able to do that.

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