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Summary of Harmonized Alberta Rules for Consumers

In the summer of 2020, nine of the ten real estate boards (Edmonton being the outlier) formed Pillar Nine. Pillar Nine is a single-point property listing database in Alberta. As part of this migration, it was determined that all boards and board members would follow a harmonized set of rules. As part of the terms and conditions of working with Bōde, you agree to the following rules of the MLS® system.

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New Feature: Commission Calculator

When it comes time to buy or sell a home, there are many things to consider. When you transact the traditional way (using an agent), the seller often writes the cheque for both the buyer’s agent and their own agent, however the cost is effectively shared equally between both parties in the transaction.

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Digital Alberta – Bōde Feature

According to a new Calgary firm, the real estate sector has been one of the slowest and most reluctant to embrace going digital. At the same time, Canadians and Americans pay some of the most expensive commissions in the world to buy and sell property.

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Robert Price, Bode CEO

Bōde – A Year in Review

We set out on a mission to confirm our belief that Albertans are smart and when empowered with the data and tools necessary to sell their most important asset, they can do it themselves.

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A Candid Testimonial from Arif, Bōde Seller

Arif is an experienced real estate investor with extensive expertise in home building and construction and chose to sell his home, himself, using Bōde’s marketplace. In this candid testimonial, Arif touches on his experience thus far and how nice it is to have complete control of entire transaction.

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