Paperwork for selling a house without a real estate agent in British Columbia

Thinking about selling your home without a real estate agent but not sure what paperwork you’ll need during the process? We’ve got you covered. In British Columbia, certain documentation is required in order to legally sell your home. Luckily, Bōde provides all the information you’ll need to not miss a thing and industry standard contracts too! 

Our digital system streamlines everything for home sellers, makes the paperwork part of the transaction straight forward, and also helps the environment by significantly reducing the actual ‘paper’ used during the transaction.

To get started, let’s go over what documents you may need when selling your own home.

Listing information

Of course, in order to sell your home you’ll need to create a listing that provides information to potential buyers about your property. Bōde’s step by step process to create your listing makes this easy. You’ll be asked to provide information you likely already know about your home! Once submitted, our team will review your listing for completeness and accuracy before sending it live.

Did you know… that professional photos & measurements are included when you list with Bōde? Professional photos significantly increase your likelihood of success when selling your home! 

Disclosure of material latent defects

Material latent defects MUST be disclosed by the seller when listing their home for sale. When you sell with Bōde, you will be asked about them during the listing process so it’s as simple as answering yes or no. If yes, you will need to fill out a disclosure form which will be provided to you by our team. 

Strata documents

If you are selling a condo in British Columbia, you may be required to provide strata documents. It’s important to be aware of the documentation you may be required to produce if an offer is received on your property. Nearly all offers made on condo properties will be conditional upon a buyer’s review of the strata documents. As the seller, it’s a good idea to prepare these documents ahead of going to market in order to simplify and streamline your home sale. 

Survey Certificate

A survey certificate is a professional document used in British Columbia to determine legal boundaries of a property. In BC, survey certificates are not a requirement to sell your home, however buyers may request an existing copy from the seller or choose to have their own survey completed. 

Get all the details on Survey Certificates here.

Land title

A copy of your land title is required in order to sell your home in BC. The title identifies: The current owner, mortgages, caveats, easements, builders’ liens, and other registered interests. 


In British Columbia, homeowners are able to pull their own title for a small fee. When you list with Bōde, we will obtain this information on your behalf. 

Property disclosure statement

The property disclosure statement is typically required around the time of an offer. There are different versions of this document for land, residential or strata.

Purchase contract

Last, but certainly not least, to complete your home sale you will need a purchase contract! When buyers make an offer on your listing with Bōde, our system will populate an industry standard purchase agreement with all the particulars indicated by the buyers. As the seller, you will have the opportunity to decline, counter, or accept their offer. All changes made during negotiations using the Bōde platform will be reflected on your purchase agreement so once an agreement is reached all you’ll need to do is digitally sign. 


A Sale addendum is required to make any amendments to the contract after the offer has been accepted, including removing conditions to have a firm sale after a conditional sale.

Bōde also takes care of conveyancing for sellers and the lawyers will handle it from there! 

Additional paperwork

You may also want to prepare some additional paperwork in addition to what is required to complete your home sale. This could include information that may be requested by potential buyers, or information that will help you to sell your home. Preparing this paperwork ahead of listing your home can save valuable time during the home sale process. Some examples include:

– Home appraisal report

– Copies of Electric and Gas Bills

– Home Inspection Certificate

– Property Tax Information

– Invoices (of past renovations or repairs)

– Rental Agreements (if home is rented)

Selling your own home isn’t rocket science. And it’s made ridiculously simple with Bōde. From providing all the necessary paperwork, to ensuring sellers know what is the next step in their home sale process, Bōde creates a seamless and completely digital experience for home sellers – without a real estate agent.

Maximize your home value by selling with Bōde

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