Risks of selling your house without a real estate agent

Thinking about selling your own home but worried about the risks of selling your house without a real estate agent? Many of those “risks” are actually just myths perpetuated by the real estate industry to keep the control out of the hands of homeowners. Bōde puts that control back where it belongs by providing a solution that empowers buyers and sellers to eliminate the middle person. 

Real risks of selling your own home with Bōde include: 

Selling for 1.3% more money on average

Saving an average of almost 50% of the commissions

Being 9% more likely to sell 

your home

Saving approximately 60-70% of your valuable time

Having full control over your 

home sale

Being 13x more likely to sell to a 

self-represented buyer

Let's look at some common myths...

Myth #1

Agents will not show a "For Sale By Owner" home

Reality: Most agents will show any home on the market

There has been over 350 transactions on the Bōde platform and many of those deals involved agents. If sellers are offering a reasonable commission to the buyer’s agents, there is no reason why real estate agents wouldn’t show the home. Unfortunately, when no commission is being offered there has been instances of agents “steering” their buyers away from certain properties. The upside is that buyers tend to find the homes online that they want to see and will insist on showings. 

When listing with Bōde, you set the buy side commission and can choose to offer whatever is best for your situation. 


Myth #2

Agents access large networks and will "hit the streets" for you

Reality: Almost all buyers find their home online and ask their agent to view it

Approximately 90% of buyers in today’s market find their home online. With Bōde, your listing is posted to our home site, REALTOR.ca, and 1000’s of other listing sites. We also extensively market your listing with a customized paid social media campaign. Agents also post your home online, but they are certainly not knocking on doors or accessing a secret network of buyers to get your home sold. In fact, Bōde listings are actually 9% more likely to sell when compared to other homes on the market.

Bōde sellers are also 13X more likely to sell to a buyer without an agent because we attract more self-represented buyers. This means not only do you have access to a wider pool of potential buyers, you can also save significantly on the buy side commission.

Myth #3

You need a professional for negotiations

Reality: Homeowners can negotiate on their own homes better than anyone else

Homeowners know their own homes better than anyone else. You also know it’s value and how much you’re willing to accept for it. The Bōde online offer process creates a simple and streamlined experience that allows sellers to easily negotiate all aspects of the deal, from purchase price to a possession timeline, directly from their device. Instead of telling your agent the next move to make, you simply take that step yourself – reducing unnecessary back and forth phone calls.

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Myth #4

You won't have access to important information about the home

Reality: Bōde has made that gate-kept data accessible to everyone

Crucial information about the real estate market has been gate kept for decades. Now with Bōde, we make that data easily accessible and transparent. Our market datasold data, and comparables tools, along with our extensive Resource Centre, give homeowners all the information you need to be successful. 

Our comprehensive listings dashboard also provides sellers with ongoing updates about the performance of their listing so that you can feel empowered to make the decisions only you can make. 

Myth #5

You are exposing yourself to legal risk

Reality: Real estate agents aren't lawyers

When closing on a home sale, a lawyer will be required to finalize the paperwork – regardless of how the home was sold. Bōde provides industry standard contracts so that the rest is easy for sellers. We ask the important questions each step of the way so you can feel comfortable and confident in selling your own home. 

Why sell your own home with Bōde? 

You don’t have to take our word for it…

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