Why is my house not selling?

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If your house is currently sitting on the market, and has been for a while, you might be thinking... 

Why can't my agent sell my house?

In the last 4 years searches on Google for ‘why is my house not selling’ have been steadily rising each year.

Why? Because the real estate industry is stuck in the past and agents are clearly having trouble selling houses for their clients. The fact of the matter is that if you’ve be asking the question ‘why is my house not selling’ you’re not alone. And it’s probably because, as a whole, real estate agents are getting worse, not better at servicing their clients. 

What can I do if my house is not selling?

As much as they’d like us to believe otherwise, real estate agents do not have a secret magic solution to selling your home. In fact, you know your home better than any agent. So then who better to sell your house than you! Bōde gives you all the same market data that real estate agents have available at their fingertips, so don’t let that be the reason your house is not selling!

Arm yourself with home data so that you can create the best opportunity for your home to sell – and for the highest value.

Why is home data so important?

Transparent home data is crucial when selling your home. When comparing how your home is performing against the market, you should be considering factors such as property type & size, and community or location. Without this information, it’s very difficult to make sense of key indicators such as, days on market – has your home been listed for longer than the average? – or price – is your home over priced compared to it’s competitors?

Bōde provides free access to transparent home data to make sure you are empowered with the information needed to be successful in selling your home. With the three data tools available on Bōde [Market DataSold DataComparables], sellers are able to drill down on the details and really compare how their listing is doing. This information can provide the insight needed to make informed decisions about any changes to your listing.

When you list your own home with Bōde you’ll also have access to a personalized “listings dashboard”. Here you’ll be able to see information directly related to your listing such as how many showings you should have expected to receive by now, views or saves on your listing, and tips for success.

Am I priced to high to sell my house?

Price is a huge factor in the saleability of your home. Do your research to evaluate if you are listed at an appropriate price, rather than trusting the opinion of others. If you are not receiving any or very minimal showing requests you are likely 10% or more too high on your list price. If you are showing your home but not receiving offers, you are likely still priced too high by approximately 5% or so. Bōde’s data can help you compare your home to other similar properties on the market to determine if a price reduction makes sense for your listing.

Can I sell my house without a real estate agent?

Absolutely! Take control over the process! Bring the entire home transaction online and into your own hands by listing your home on Bōde. Our fee is just 1%, up to a maximum of $10K, and only when you successfully sell. Everything you need to be successful is included.

When homeowners are empowered with all the information, tools, and data, they are truly the best agents to sell their own homes.

How does Bōde help my listing sell?

We believe in investing in the success of our homeowners, with a goal of connecting them with the highest quality of buyers. To start, we include professional photography of your home when you list with Bōde. Ensuring your home looks it’s best on the listing is the first step to having a successful sale. Your listing will appear on our home site, realtor.ca, Zillow, and 1000’s of other listing sites for the ultimate buyer exposure – with and without agents. 

Our marketing strategy is designed to attract self-represented buyers – saving our sellers even more in fees. For each listing we create a personalized paid digital advertising campaign to drive buyers to your listing. In addition to our digital marketing, we also provide augmented reality signage in front of your home to give potential buyers walking by a snapshot of what’s inside. 

Ready to get started?

Maximize your home value by selling with Bōde

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