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Summary of Harmonized Alberta Rules for Consumers

In the summer of 2020, nine of the ten real estate boards (Edmonton being the outlier) formed Pillar Nine. Pillar Nine is a single-point property listing database in Alberta. As part of this migration, it was determined that all boards and board members would follow a harmonized set of rules. As part of the terms and conditions of working with Bōde, you agree to the following rules of the MLS® system.

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Robert Price, Bode CEO

Bōde – A Year in Review

We set out on a mission to confirm our belief that Albertans are smart and when empowered with the data and tools necessary to sell their most important asset, they can do it themselves.

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How COVID-19 has impacted the Calgary Real Estate market

Bōde gives you the data you need to see what’s on the market and what’s sold as well as key market dynamics using our new Market Data and Sold Data dashboards. We used these dashboards ourselves to dive into the sales data to understand the impact Coronavirus has had on the Calgary real estate market.

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